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Diane Oldman with Marjorie Bly, Assistant Director, National Archives (Perth). Launch of the 150th Anniversary of Hougoumont, Australia’s last convict ship, 9th January 1868-2018, Western Australian Genealogical Society in Bayswater, Western Australia.

Updated 24 Apr 2018 BYRNE, John (deleted record – this man did not serve in Crimean War).
Updated 21 Apr 2018 HARRICHAEL, Michael (new page).
Updated 19 Apr 2018 KENNY, John (new page).
Updated 13 Apr 2018 FINNERTY, Charles – Man of Merit (image of marriage record).
Updated 09 Apr 2018 GEDDINGS, George (dates for birth & baptism, pension districts).
Updated 09 Apr 2018 FLYNN, John (pension districts).
Updated 09 Apr 2018 DELANEY, Michael (pension districts).

Updated 19 Mar 2018 DAVIES/DAVIS, Daniel (casualty roll, pension district).
Updated 19 Mar 2018 ALLEN, William (pension district).
Updated 14 Mar 2018 CHAMBERS, Henry (muster, pension district).
Updated 14 Mar 2018 CASTLEDINE, Benjamin (baptism, musters, pension district, shipping)
Updated 11 Mar 2018 SAUNDERS, Rice (new page).
Updated 09 Mar 2018 BUSHELL, Thomas (new page).
Updated 08 Mar 2018 BEAUREAL, Edward (new page).
Updated 04 Mar 2018 HAYNES, Henry Benjamin (new page).
Updated 03 Mar 2018 A Sad Story Told by Bev Russell (new page).
Updated 01 Mar 2018 CARTY, Michael (muster, pension district, death).

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