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Updated 12 Feb 2018 Belgravia (amended page).
Updated 09 Feb 2018 MELVILLE, Robert (new page).
Updated 08 Feb 2018 Index of 19th Century Naval Vessels (add to Sources & Links page).

Updated 19 Jan 2018 STANTON, Edward (an update of his Story from Suellen Roy).
Updated 18 Jan 2018 BATES, William (new page).


Updated 28 Nov 2017 BRENNAN, Eugene (additional data for census, pension, children, sidebar illustration).
Updated 28 Nov 2017 SHERLOCK, Matthew (add departure/arrival date and ship from WA to SA, sidebar illustration).
Updated 27 Nov 2017 BRANNAN, Edward (additional data for pension).
Updated 26 Nov 2017 BRADLEY, John Alexander (additional data for pension).
Updated 25 Nov 2017 BOX, Thomas (additional data for muster, pension, death, sidebar illustration).
Updated 24 Nov 2017 BLIGHT, William (additional data for pension).
Updated 23 Nov 2017 BLAGBURN, Thomas William (additional data forename, muster).
Updated 23 Nov 2017 BEWSHER, William (additional data for muster and pension, sidebar illustrations).
Updated 21 Nov 2017 BESWICK, Frederick (additional data for census, muster and pension).
Updated 20 Nov 2017 BENTLEY, John (additional data for muster, pension, cause of death).
Updated 20 Nov 2017 BATES, George (add pension).
Updated 20 Nov 2017 BARRETT, Edward (additional data for muster and pension).
Updated 19 Nov 2017 BARR, William (additional data for census, muster and pension).
Updated 18 Nov 2017 BALMER, William (add muster).
Updated 18 Nov 2017 BAIN, John (additional data for birth/baptism, marriage, muster, pension, death/burial, probate, newspaper articles).
Updated 17 Nov 2017 ARNOTT, Robert (additional data for marriage date and place, wife’s name, burial place).
Updated 17 Nov 2017 ARMSTRONG, Alexander (add temporary pension district and misc. newspaper articles).
Updated 16 Nov 2017 ARCHDEACON, James Mandeville (add illustration of deferred Chelsea Pension confirmation).
Updated 16 Nov 2017 ANDERSON, Thomas (additional data for muster, pension, medical report).
Updated 15 Nov 2017 ANDERSON, Hugh (additional data for marriage, death/burial, muster, census, pension, WA occupation).
Updated 15 Nov 2017 ALLEN, William (additional data for pension).
Updated 15 Nov 2017 ALLEN, Arthur (additional data for musters, census and pension).
Updated 14 Nov 2017 AHERN, John (additional data for musters, pension and land).
Updated 14 Nov 2017 ABBOTT, Patrick (additional data for marriage and pension).

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