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Diane Oldman with Marjorie Bly, Assistant Director, National Archives (Perth). Launch of the 150th Anniversary of Hougoumont, Australia’s last convict ship, 9th January 1868-2018, Western Australian Genealogical Society in Bayswater, Western Australia.

Updated 11 May 2018 BELGRAVIA (convict passenger and newspaper article added).
Updated 28 Apr 2018 ALLEN, Arthur (regimental numbers & ranks).
Updated 24 Apr 2018 BYRNE, John (deleted record – this man did not serve in Crimean War).
Updated 21 Apr 2018 HARRICHAEL, Michael (new page).
Updated 19 Apr 2018 KENNY, John (new page).
Updated 13 Apr 2018 FINNERTY, Charles – Man of Merit (image of marriage record).
Updated 09 Apr 2018 GEDDINGS, George (dates for birth & baptism, pension districts).
Updated 09 Apr 2018 FLYNN, John (pension districts).
Updated 09 Apr 2018 DELANEY, Michael (pension districts).


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