Birth date and place c. 1825 Lynally, Tullamore, Kings County, Ireland.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census Residences
England, Wales & Scotland
Occupations pre-WA Labourer.
Physical Description Height: 5 ft. 7 ins. Complexion: fine. Eyes: blue. Hair: light.
Marks or Scars: Ulcer on left leg. Varicose veins.
Marriage date and place 1861 (unproven).
Spouse Anna Maria Louisa BRYANT (Briant).
Children Mary Ellen b. 1863, Fremantle, Western Australia.
William b. 1866 (d.1866), Perth, Western Australia.
John b. 1867 Perth, Western Australia.
Ancestral File [LDS] & Rica Erickson unproven:
Sally b. 1865 (d.1865) incorrect – daughter of Adam Bentley & Dorothy nee Mills.
Anna Maria Louisa b. 1867.
Ann Eliza b. 1870.
Death date and place 5 Mar 1871 Barracks, Perth, Western Australia.
Cause of Death: Disease of the Lungs.
Burial date and place 5 Mar 1871 East Perth Cemetery, Western Australia.
Church of England Section.
Will and Probate
Death Notices and Obituaries
Regiment(s) 28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment.
Regiment No. and Rank #2187 Private.
Attestation date and place 29 Dec 1843 Tullaamore, Kings.
Service/Campaigns East Indies 3 years 98 days.
Malta 42 days.
Turkey & Crimea 1 year 14 days.
Musters 1851 Manchester [WO12-4457].
1861 Fermoy [WO12-4468].
Promotions None.
Medals, Clasps and Badges Crimea War Medal clasps Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol.  Turkish Crimea Medal.
Two Good Conduct Badges.
Casualty/Medical Nature of disability – “ulcus cruris” (chronic). The result partly of Military Service and of constitutional infirmity. Suffers from a chronic ulcer of left leg.
The veins are varicose. He stated that he received a blow on the said leg from a hand spike in the Crimea while on duty in a Battery. Is unfit for further military service.
Regimental Courts Martial Absent without leave 30 Jan – 2 Feb 1851. Tried and sentenced twenty days Hard Labour.
In confinement 3 Feb – 24 Feb 1851.
Three times entered in the Regimental Defaulters Book.
District Courts Martial None.
General Courts Martial None.
Discharge date and place 10 Jun 1861 Fermoy.
Length of Service 17 years 138 days.
Chelsea Pension Reference WO97/1486/025.
Post Discharge Residence Stratford, Essex.
Post Discharge Pension District 1st Manchester (1861). Perth, WA (1862-1871).
Pension Amount 8d. per diem.
Ship York.
Departure and Arrival 8 Oct 1862 Portland; 31 Dec 1862 Fremantle.
Status/Occupation Enrolled Pensioner Force.
Police Constable. Joined 6 Jun 1865 Champion Bay; 4 Jan 1866 Fremantle;
31 Jan – 3 Jul 1866 Toodyay; 9 Mar 1867 Perth.
Land Grant/Purchase None.
Subscriptions Greenough Fire Fund 1864.
Misc. Newspaper Articles