Cullen, John

Birth date and placec. 1833 St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census ResidencesUpper Pier Road, St Helier, Jersey (1841).
Gaol & House of Correction, St Helier, Jersey (1851).
Occupations pre-WAPrinter/Compositor.
Dates and DetailsSt Helier, Jersey [Prison Register 1833-1854 (D/AG/B1/1), Jersey Heritage].
Prisoner #77. Accusation: Theft & attempting to cut his own throat.
Trial: 30 Jun 1849. Sentence: 15 days hard labour. Discharge: 14 Jul 1849.
Prisoner #22. Accusation: Theft.
Trial: 26 Mar 1851. Sentence: 3 months hard labour & whipped in presence of the Viscount. Discharge: 26  Jun 1851.
St Helier, Jersey [Jersey Hospital Admission Register 1849-1855 (D/AN/B11/1), Jersey Heritage].
#325. 18 Jun 1849. Cause of Entry: Soupçonné de Vol (suspicion of theft).
#1217. 7 Jul 1850. Cause of Entry: Soupçon de Vol.
#1253. 23 Jul 1850. Cause of Entry: Vagabondage (vagrancy).
#370. 5 Oct 1850. Cause of Entry: Soupçon de Vol.
#762. 20 Feb 1851. Cause of Entry: Soupçon de Vol.
Physical DescriptionHeight: 5 ft. 8 ins. Complexion: sandy. Eyes: hazel. Hair: red.
Marks: Scar on palm of rt. hand. Scar on wrist. 6 dots on left forearm. Ring on middle finger left hand [Chatham Prison].
Height: 5 ft. 8½ ins. Complexion: fresh. Eyes: light hazel. Hair: sandy. Face: round. Build: middling stout.
Distinguishing marks: Cross and flag left arm, 6 blue spots back left hand and wrist, ring second finger left hand, scars right wrist [Fremantle Prison].
Marriage date and placeSingle on arrival in Western Australia. No marriage found.
Death date and place28 Jun 1920 Claremont, Western Australia.
Burial date and placeJune 1920 Karrakatta Cemetery, Western Australia.
Roman Catholic Area, Section CB, Gravesite 0010.
Will and ProbateNone.
Death Notices and Obituaries
Regiment(s)48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment.
Regiment No. and Rank#2624 Private.
Attestation date and placec. 1854.
Service/CampaignsCorfu 1854.
Crimea 1855.
Malta 1856.
Medals, Clasps and BadgesCrimea War Medal clasp Sebastopol. Turkish Crimea Medal.
Regimental Courts MartialThree Regimental Courts Martial (details unknown)  [PCom2-38-3375].
May have been confused with District Courts Martial below.
District Courts MartialPortsmouth [HO86-7-8].
Trial: 12 Mar 1854. Desertion & Losing Necessaries. Sentenced: 84 days with hard labour and stoppages.
Trial: 3 Mar 1854. Habitual drunkenness. Struck superior officer. Sentenced:  50 lashes, 112 days and stoppages.
Corfu [HO86-7-171].
Trial 25 Oct 1854. Disobedience of Orders. Sentenced: 168 days with hard labour.
Sebastopol [HO86-7-252].
Trial: 28 Jul 1855. Drunk. Violence to superior officer. Sentenced: 50 lashes and stoppages.
Sebastopol [HO86-8-10] (as ‘Callon’).
Trial: 9 Jan 1856. Absent. Disobedience of Orders. Violence. Sentenced: 50 lashes, 168 days with hard labour.
General Courts MartialMalta [WO90-3].
Trial: 29 Jul 1856. Absenting himself without leave; losing or making away with Regimental necessaries; showing violence to his superior officer.
Sentenced: 21 years transportation [PCom2-38-3375.].
Prison and Register #1 Aug to 11 Aug 1856 Guardroom Malta Barracks 10 days.
11 Aug to 25 Aug 1856 On board ship to England 14 days.
25 Aug 1856 to 15 Jul 1857 Millbank Prison #3375 10 months 17 days [PCom2-38-3375].
15 Jul 1857 to Sep 1857 Chatham Prison #1171 [[PCom2-1-1171].
4-23 Sep 1857 to 1 Jan 1858 Convict Ship Nile 100 days passage (via Bahia, Brazil) from Plymouth.
1 Jan 1858 Fremantle Prison #4648.
Chelsea Pension ReferenceNot eligible.
Parchment Certificate issued 11 Oct 1856 in Millbank Prison.
Post Discharge ResidenceWestern Australia.
Departure and Arrival23 Sep 1857 Plymouth; 1 Jan 1858 Fremantle.
WA Convict #4648.
WA Ticket of Leave30 Mar 1860 Swan.
WA Certificate of Freedom
WA Conditional Pardon18 Nov 1867 Perth.
Dates and Details
Acc 128-38-39.
Perth Gazette.
Acc 1156-V16.
8 Dec 1860. Drunkenness, Fremantle. Three months.
Date unknown. Police Court 16-31 Dec 1861. Fighting in Hay Street. Charge deferred. [Perth Gazette 24 Jan 1862].
Date unknown. Police Court 16-31 Dec 1861. Absent from work without permission. One month. [Perth Gazette 24 Jan 1862].
7 Jan 1862. Fighting and Breach of Control, Perth. One month.
24 Feb 1862. Drunk & Resisting Police, Perth. One month.
30 Jan 1868. Obtaining goods by false pretences, Bunbury. Supreme Court 1 Apr 1868. Nine months with hard labour. Discharged 22 Dec 1868 with ten days remitted by H.E. the Governor. Local Prisoner #1753. [Acc 1156-V16]. See Newspaper Articles below.
Convict EstablishmentThere are numerous records pertaining to John Cullen including Ship’s Register, Character Book, Petitions, Prison Receipts and Discharges, Tickets of Leave, Medical etc.
Misc. Newspaper ArticlesPerth Gazette 3 Apr 1868.
The Herald 4 Apr 1868.
Inquirer and Commercial News 8 Apr 1868.