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This is a work in progress. The profiles and stories of more Crimean War veterans will be added as time allows.

Regiments have been accorded the names relevant at the time of the Crimean War, not necessarily at a soldier’s enlistment, discharge or at any time between.
Sourced from: A Guide to the Regiments and Corps of the British Army, J M Brereton.

DANIELS, Charles Edward [aka AYLING, Charles] 1st Battalion, Scots Fuslier Guards. First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards

DAVEY, William 50th (The Queen’s Own) Regiment

DAVIES (DAVIS), Daniel 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade

DAVIS (DAVIES), Daniel 40th (2nd Somerset) Regiment. 23rd (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Regiment

DELANEY, Edward 82nd (Prince of Wales Volunteers) Regiment. 97th (Earl of Ulster’s) Regiment

DELANEY, Michael 89th Regiment

DELANEY,  William 4th (The King’s Own) Regiment

DEVITT, Hugh 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment

DONEGAN, William 79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment, 107th (Bengal Infantry) British Army Regiment

DONNELLY, Patrick 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment

DONOHUE (Donahue, Donoghue), Roderick 68th (Durham) Light Infantry Regiment

DOODY, John 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment

DORAN, Bryan 49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s or Hertfordshire) Regiment

DORAN, William 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment

DOWNE (Downes), William H Turkish Contingent

DOYLE, John 13th (Prince Alberts Light Infantry) Regiment. 55th (Westmoreland) Regiment

DUEHAN, Jeremiah 34th (Cumberland) Regiment

DULLART (Dullard), Nicholas 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment

DUNNE (Dunn), George 13th (Prince Albert’s Light Infantry) Regiment

DUNNE (Dunn), William 41st (The Welch) Regiment. 3rd (East Kent, The Buffs) Regiment

DUTHIE, John 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment

DUTTON, Joseph 3rd Battalion, Royal Artillery

DYER, Joseph Mounted Staff Corps

EGAN (Eagan), John 49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s or Hertfordshire) Regiment

FAHEY, Patrick 78th (Highland/Ross-Shire Buffs) Regiment. 71st (Highland Light Infantry) Regiment

FAIRGRIEVE, Richard 71st (Highland Light Infantry) Regiment

FALL, William 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons

FARRELL, John 21st Royal North British Fuzileers Regiment

FARRELL, Michael 77th (The East Middlesex) Regiment

FARRELL, Patrick 88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment

FARTHY, John 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment

FAWCETT, Theodore 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabineers)

FINNEGAN (Finigan), James 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment

FINNERTY, Charles, 47th (The Lancashire) Regiment

FITZMAURICE, Lewis 1st (Royal) Dragoons

FLINDELL, Francis Bassett Shenstone Turkish Contingent

FLINDELL, James George Turkish Contingent

FLYNN, John 3rd (East Kent, The Buffs) Regiment. 49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s or Hertfordshire) Regiment