Birth date and place c. 1822 Whitesea, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census Residences
England, Wales & Scotland
See Muster 1841 below.
Woolwich, Greenwich, Kent, England (1851).
See Muster 1861 below.
Occupations pre-WA Labourer.
Physical Description Height: 5 ft. 7 ins. Complexion: fresh. Eyes: brown. Hair: light brown.
Marriage date and place Unknown.
Spouse Unknown.
Children Daughter
Note on WO97/1702/198, p.2:except compensation in lieu of rations for one daughter from 2nd May 1860 to 20th Jan 1863 inclusive and for one son from 5th Feb 1863 to 22nd Jan 1864 inclusive and again for the latter from 15th April 1864 to 9th May 1864.”
Death date and place
Burial date and place
Will and Probate
Death Notices and Obituaries
Regiment(s) 94th Regiment of Foot. 1 Dec 1854 transferred to
18th (Royal Irish) Regiment. 1 Aug 1856 transferred to
94th Regiment of Foot. 1 July 1857 transferred to
Falkland Island Corps.
Regiment No. and Rank #1354 Private (94th).
#3425 Private (18th).
Attestation date and place 28 Jul 1840 Queen Square, Middlesex.
Service/Campaigns India 13 Jan 1841 – 15 May 1854, 13 years 123 days.
Crimea 30 Dec 1854 – 18 Jul 1856, 1 year 201 days.
Falkland Islands 26 Oct 1857 – 15 Apr 1864, 6 years 169 days.
Musters 1841 Cannanore, India [WO12-9479].
1861 Stanley, Falkland Islands [WO12-10704].
Promotions None.
Medals, Clasps and Badges Crimea War Medal clasp Sebastopol.  Turkish Crimea Medal.
Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.
Five Good Conduct Badges.
Casualty/Medical Casualty Roll:  Slight wound. 1st Attack on the Redan. 18 June 1855.
Regimental Courts Martial None.
Six times entered in the Regimental Defaulters Book.
District Courts Martial None.
General Courts Martial None.
Discharge date and place 24 May 1864 Woolwich.
Length of Service 23 years 302 days.
Chelsea Pension Reference WO97/1702/198.
Post Discharge Residence Newry, County Down, Ireland.
Post Discharge Pension District Jersey; 2nd Plymouth; 2nd Dublin; Carlow (May 1864-Apr 1865). Preston; Halifax (May-Aug 1865). WA (1867-?). New Zealand? . Tasmania (1874-1878).
Pension Amount 1/2d. per diem.
Ship Norwood. 
Departure and Arrival 13 Apr 1867 Portland; 13 Jul 1867 Fremantle.
Status/Occupation Enrolled Pensioner Force.
Land Grant/Purchase None in Western Australia.
Misc. Newspaper Articles
Departure from WA To New Zealand and Tasmania – dates unknown.