Name variations: Harrachael, Harrichal, Harriechael, Harryhill.
Birth date and place c. 1834 Gort, Galway, Ireland.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census Residences
Occupations pre-WA Servant. Groom.
Physical Description Height: 5 ft. 7 ins.  Complexion: dark. Eyes: black. Hair: black. Face: long. Build: middling stout.
Distinguishing marks: Saviour on cross, bird, B H right arm, mermaid, flags, ‘Crimea’ etc and cross flags left arm.
Marriage date and place
Death date and place 7 Nov 1911 Old Men’s Home, Fremantle, Western Australia (as Harryhill).
Burial date and place November 1911 Carrington Street Cemetery, Fremantle, Western Australia (as Harryhill).
Roman Catholic Area, MON CC Section, 0154 Gravesite.
Will and Probate None.
Death Notices and Obituaries The Golden Gate 17 Nov 1911 (as Harryhill).
Regiment(s) 63rd Regiment (West Suffolk) Regiment.
Regiment No. and Rank #??65 Private.
Attestation date and place
Service/Campaigns Crimea.
Promotions None.
Medals, Clasps and Badges Crimea War Medal clasps Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol. Turkish Crimea Medal.
Regimental Courts Martial One. No details available.
District Courts Martial One. No details available.
General Courts Martial 1857 Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Crime Striking his superior officer.
Committal 14 Apr 1857 Halifax. Nova Scotia.
Trial 18 May 1857 Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Sentence 10 years Penal Servitude.
Prison and Register # Guard Room Halifax 28 days.
Melville Island 4 months 6 days.
On board ship to England 18 days.
31 Aug 1857 Millbank Prison 10 months 15 days, #5491 [PCom2-39].
15 Jul 1858 Portland 1 month 16 days, #5998 [PCom2-387].
24 Sep 1858 On board ‘True Briton’ for Bermuda [HO11-18-154].
11 Nov 1858 Boaz Island, Bermuda 52 months 14 days, #1439 [HO8-138 to 144].
15 Apr 1863 Millbank 21 days, #6831 [PCom2-47].
6 May 1863 Portsmouth 4 months 8 days, #8106 [PCom2-109].
14-23 Sep 1863 Convict Ship ‘Lord Dalhousie’, 90 days [HO11-18-298].
28 Sep 1863 Fremantle Prison, #7447.
Ship Lord Dalhousie.
Departure and Arrival 25 Sep 1863 Portland; 28 Dec 1863 Fremantle.
Status/Occupation General Servant and Labourer in the York area.
WA Convict # 7447.
WA Ticket of Leave 14 Mar 1864.
WA Conditional Pardon 27 Nov 1865 York, Western Australia.
Land Grant/Purchase None.