Melling, Henry

Birth date and placec. 1820.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census Residences
Occupations pre-WATailor.
Physical DescriptionHeight: 5 ft. 10 ins. Complexion: fresh. Eyes: light grey. Hair: sandy. Face: long. Build: middling stout.
Distinguishing marks: Cupped right breast.
Marriage date and place
SpouseMary ?
Mrs Melling visited Henry Melling in Millbank Prison [Pcom2-37-2777].
Mary Melling arrived in Western Australia on Robert Morrison 7 Mar 1866 [Acc 115-93 WA SRO].
Death date and place
Burial date and place
Will and Probate
Death Notices and Obituaries
Regiment(s)1st (King’s) Dragoon Guards.
Regiment No. and Rank#868 Private.
Attestation date and placeBefore 1844 (tentative).
Musters1851 Q1 Dublin, Ireland [WO12-112].
Medals, Clasps and BadgesCrimea War Medal clasp Sebastopol. Turkish Crimea Medal.
Regimental Courts MartialTwo convictions, details unknown.
District Courts MartialCanterbury, England [WO86-005-10] recorded as Milling.
Trial: 25 Mar 1844 Desertion & Losing Necessaries. Sentence: 2 months Hard Labour. Stoppages.
Clonmel, Ireland [WO86-006-118] recorded as Milling.
Trial 10 Jul 1849 Disobedience of Orders. Sentence: 112 days Hard Labour, 70 days remitted.
Athlone, Ireland [WO86-007-5].
Trial: 9 Feb 1852 Drunk on Duty. Sentence: 56 days Hard Labour. Stoppages.
Newbridge, Ireland [WO86-007-137]
Trial: 13 May 1854 Habitual drunkenness. Sentence: 54 days Hard Labour. Stoppages.
General Courts MartialHaida Pasha, Scutari [WO90-3-33].
Trial: 13 Mar 1856. Violence & abusive language to superior officer. Habitual drunkenness.
Sentenced: Life transportation.
Prison and Register #Scutari 2 days.
On board ship to England 16 days. Woolwich 42 days.
9 Jun 1856 to 12 Mar 1857 Millbank Prison #2777 9 months 3 days [Pcom2-37-2777].
12 Mar to 10 Sep 1857 Portland Prison #6754 5 months 29 days [Pcom2-385-6754].
10-23 Sep 1857 to 1 Jan 1858 Convict Ship Nile 100 days passage (via Bahia, Brazil) from Plymouth.
1 Jan 1858 Fremantle Prison #4515.
Chelsea Pension ReferenceNot eligible.
Post Discharge ResidenceWestern Australia.
Departure and Arrival23 Sep 1857 Plymouth; 1 Jan 1858 Fremantle.
Labourer, Toodyay. General Servant, Perth. See sidebar 1863-1866.
WA Convict #4515.
Dates and Details
[Acc 1156-R25]
Conviction and Sentence by Toodyay Resident Magistrate.
21 Feb 1862 Drunk. Fined 5 shillings.
18 Nov 1862 Drunk. Finde 10 shillings.
25 May 1864 Drunk & loitering about public house. 14 days in Lockup.
WA Ticket of Leave14 Jul 1860 Toodyay.
WA Certificate of Freedom
WA Conditional Pardon21 Apr 1866 Toodyay.
Misc. Newspaper ArticlesPerth Gazette 19 Jul 1867.
Departure from WA18 Jul 1867 for Batavia on Sea Nymph.