Sampey, Thomas

Brother of Michael SAMPEY.
Birth date and placec. 1829-1833 Chelsea, Middlesex, England.
Baptism date and place
Civil Census ResidencesExeter Buildings, St Luke’s Chelsea, Kensington, Middlesex (1841) – not verified.
See Muster below (1851).
Occupations pre-WABaker.
Physical DescriptionHeight: 5 ft. 11 ins. Complexion: fresh. Eyes: hazel. Hair: black. Face: round. Build: stout.
Distinguishing marks: Woman and flag right arm, woman and lion left arm, ball mark on right shin.
Marriage date and place1st: 31 Mar 1850 Church of Holy Trinity, Brompton, Middlesex.
2nd: 28 Dec 1864 Independent Chapel, Guildford, Western Australia.
Spouse1st: Mary Ann ELDRIDGE.
2nd: Eliza Emma HARRIS.
Children1st Marriage: Maria (Mary Ann) b. 1847, Chelsea, London (tentative).
2nd Marriage:
Thomas b. 1866, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Mary Anne Eliza b. 1867, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Elizabeth Ellen b. 1869, Fremantle, Western Australia.
John b. 1870, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Matilda b. 1874, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Albert b. 1876, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Charlotte Emily b. 1878, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Death date and place3 Mar 1897 Edward Street, Mandurah Road, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Burial date and place4 Mar 1897 Fremantle Cemetery, Skinner Street, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Will and ProbateNone.
Death Notices and Obituaries
Regiment(s)12th (Prince of Wales’s Royal) Lancers.
Regiment No. and Rank#1157 Private.
Attestation date and placec. 1851.
Service/CampaignsCape of Good Hope.
East Indies.
Musters1851 Dublin, Ireland [WO12-1059].
Medals, Clasps and BadgesSouth Africa (2nd Kaffir Wars) Medal.
Crimea War Medal clasp Sebastopol.  Turkish Crimea Medal.
Indian Mutiny clasp Central India.
Regimental or District Court MartialSix months in Camp and 50 lashes for striking his Corporal – date unknown.
Discharge date and place22 Oct 1860 Manchester following General Court Martial (see below).
Length of ServiceApprox. 9 years.
CONVICTIONS (convicts only)
General Court Martial22 Oct 1860 Hulme Barracks, Manchester
CrimeViolence (striking) his superior officer
SentenceEight years penal servitude.
Prison and Register #22 Oct 1860 Manchester Prison. 22 Oct 1860 to 26 Dec 1860. 2 months. 5 days.
27 Dec 1860 Millbank Prison (#?). 27 Dec 1860 to 3 Oct 1861. 9 months. 7 days.
4 Oct 1861 Portland Prison (#A937). 4 Oct 1861 to 11 Mar 1862. 5 months. 8 days.
11 Mar 1862 Norwood (embarked). 16 Mar 1862 to 9 Jun 1862. 85 days sailing to Western Australia.
12 Jun 1862 Norwood prisoners disembarked at Fremantle, Western Australia.
WA Convict ##6450 Convict Establishment (later named Fremantle Prison) or a Convict Depot.
WA Ticket of Leave12 Aug 1863.
WA Conditional Pardon13 Feb 1868.
WA Certificate of Freedom.4 Nov 1869, Fremantle.
Request for Remission [SROWA Cons 430-28-831].
Departure and Arrival16 Mar 1862 Portland; 09 Jun 1862 Fremantle.
Status/OccupationEmployed at Fremantle, Perth, Swan, Tooyay.
Labourer. General Servant. Carter.
Land Grant/PurchaseNone.
Misc. Newspaper ArticlesWestern Australian Times 21 May 1878.
Police Gazette
3 May 1883.
Sampey is mentioned in the Police Gazette Index innumerable times throughout the 1880s for warrants, apprehensions and charges.
West Australian 1 Apr 1887 (see sidebar).
Departure from WANot applicable.